Monday, March 20

 You know, I had forgotten about this blog. Seems it had gotten weird to add photos the way it had been & it just discouraged me. Maybe I’ll try again. 

Ah, yes, trying to upload some photos of the eagle spotting adventure, I remember now why I hate it. No matter the order you chose, it goes up nilly-willy! 😡

Found the nest way off the road, but then one bird flew off….in the opposite direction. 

Saturday, March 22

Early Springtime Blooms

 Looks like there will be loads of dewberries this year! Lots of blooms all around the yard.

 The wild blueberries are covered in blossoms.

 They look like tiny chandeliers..

 The Confederate Jasmine is not to be outdone. Happy looking blooms.

 Even the sky is "radiating".

 Moss is greening.... I love moss and the way it peeks out from the leaf litter...

Don't know what kind of tree/shrub this is, but it's pretty!

Wednesday, February 19

Foggy Day Visit to the Estuarium

I went to visit Andrea today at the Dauphin Island campground, but it was so foggy! We decided to go over to the Estuarium and look around, hoping the fog would lift. 

The Estuarium has fish and other critters that represent the various habitats along the coastal areas. 

There were all kinds of turtles, fish, amphibians, reptiles, skeletons, fossils, etc. Loads of information about the area from the water to dunes, bogs and ponds.

Traffic jam!

Slender fish...
Basking turtles and snakes...didn't take their photos.

Odd cartoon like fish...

Yummy fish like snapper, trigger fish and others..

Scary Moray eels...
Hiding lobsters...
Evasive and deadly... but fascinating Lion Fish..

Anatomy specimens..
Outside on the board walk, it was still foggy....making the oil rig appear to be floating in the air.

The Mossasaur..
My, what big teeth you have!

No, this little allligator wasn't green, but the lighting in it's tank gave it a pink and green cast!

Outside is a ray tank where you can touch them as they fly through the water.

Through the side viewing area..

Reddish seahorses feed among the grasses.

If you haven't visited, it's a fun outing! Dauphin Island, AL.

Wednesday, January 29

Post Ice Storm

 Still cold and ice still on the ground, but the sky is interesting!
Most of the icy fingers have left the roof line and just these are felt under the bay window.

Saturday, December 21

Winter Scenes

 Looking like an alien from another world, this prickly pod is only from one of my trees.

 The cardinals love these berries...only a few left.

 Red-bellied Woodpecker, female, at the top of the snag.

 Last shot is of the tulip popular, stark against a winter grey sky.

Monday, September 16

Where in the World Are We?

 Yikes! Aragog is living in south Alabama!

 Aragog is living just down the way from Bubbahenge.( aka: Stonehenge wanna be)

 Dinosaurs, too!

A couple of Knights in the wood, too. Perhaps they are looking for Dragons....Hey, they are further up the road, guys.

A Trip to Pirate's Cove

 The Pirate's Cove flag and U of A flag...just what you'd expect to see in Lower Alabama!

 Well behaved dogs are welcomed to the beach and eating area of Pirate's Cove in Josephine, AL

 Looking west across Wolf Bay

 The Pirate Cove Marina's official flag.

Lots of sailboats, a great beach for kids, a laid back bar and grill. Just perfect for a lazy Monday.